The PD works hand in hand with the Director & the Director of Photography (DP). The mission of the PD is to build up the team with complete knowledge of the Art Department. Under the umbrella of a PD comes the expertise of the prop master, wardrobe manager, fashion consultant, locations manager, and the makeup & hair artist. With all this disciplined, the PD then has to co-ordinate with the DP & the Gaffer (lights). The PD is aware of the actual design process for film. The mood, atmosphere and general “look” of the film, together with the importance of research, are stressed at all times. This includes work around locations, plans and elevations, lens angles and director’s viewfinders, models and miniatures, composition, perspective, working with a DP in black & white and in color, set design and construction. PD develops visual concepts and transforms designs into reality on a sound stage or location, while adhering to restricted budgets.

Tushar Unadkat’s credits includes as an Art Director, Production Designer and as a Set Designer.