JUDGE on Talent Shows and other Awards SONY’s Boogie Woogie, TusharUnadkat
2019 International Peace Awards, Toronto
2019 Unbelievable Talent Show, Vadodara, India
2019 Lions Blind Girls School Talent Show, by the Gov’t of India
2018 AHIMSA – Art Competition by NYCO Canada, Toronto
2018 Karva Chauth Beauty Pageant, Toronto
2018 KAIROS, The Institute of Fashion Technology (IFT), India
2017 South Asian Theater Festival, Toronto
2017 AHIMSA – Art Competition by NYCO Canada, Toronto
2017 Navli Navratri Dance Competition, Vaughan
2016 LOVEBIRDS Couples Dance Competition, Toronto
2010 SONY’s BOOGIE WOOGIE (International), Toronto
2009 DESI IDOL North America, Chicago
2008 DESI IDOL North America, Toronto
2007 DESI IDOL North America, Toronto
2004 Style by Jury, W Network, Toronto
JUDGE on Talent Shows
SONY’s Boogie Woogie, TusharUnadkat

Judges on Talent shows are typically movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. Some of these include:

  1. Knowledge and experience: Judges typically possess expertise and experience in the talent show field. For instance, a singing competition may select judges who are professional singers, producers, or music industry experts.
  2. Charisma and personality: Judges on talent shows should have a likable and engaging character that will help to captivate the audience and keep them entertained. They should also be able to provide constructive criticism to the contestants in a helpful and not hurtful way.
  3. Fairness and impartiality: Judges should be able to judge each contestant objectively and fairly without any personal biases or preferences. JUDGE on Talent Shows
  4. Communication skills: Judges should be able to communicate their opinions and feedback effectively to the contestants and the audience. They should also be able to explain their reasoning for their decisions.
  5. Availability and commitment: Judges on talent shows often have to commit a significant amount of time to the show, including attending rehearsals, recording sessions, and live performances. They should be able to make themselves available for these commitments.
  6. Professionalism: Judges should always conduct themselves on and off camera. They should also be respectful of the other judges, the contestants, and the production staff.

Ultimately, being a judge on a talent show requires a combination of talent, expertise, and personal qualities that make them entertaining and credible in the eyes of the audience.