Tushar Unadkat honoured with Trailblazer award at ReelWorld Film Festival in April 2012 and conferred Valedictorian at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto on May 2012








            "My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph."

            - Richard Avedon


            Internationally celebrated, award-winning media personality Tushar Unadkat is the CEO and Creative Director of MUKTA Advertising and the Founder and Executive Director of Nouveau iDEA, Canada. He holds a Master of Design from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and a BA Honors in Photography from the University of Wolverhampton, England.

            Tushar Unadkat

            In 2024, Tushar Unadkat celebrated a series of prestigious accomplishments. He was honored with the Indian Diaspora Global Excellence Award for writing at the Constitutional Club of India in Delhi. Following this, he received the International Artist of the Year Award from the Governor of Gujarat at the LMC Business Expo in Gandhinagar. Additionally, Tushar wrote the foreword for the biographical book of Dr. Mafatbhai Patel, a legendary Gujarati literature writer. Notably, Dr. Patel's book on Canada, which includes a chapter about Tushar, and his biopic were both formally presented to Tushar during his visit to Ahmedabad earlier in the year.

            Finalist for the 2019 Men of Honor Award and the 2019 and 2014 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, Unadkat directed art in the film, fashion, advertising, and events industries in the USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Netherlands, India, and Canada.

            His photojournalistic research on the Indian Diaspora was nominated for the 1999 BBC Asia Awards and won a citation from the New York City Council Member in 2002.

            This fine art photographic research on the Indian Diaspora "Home away from homeland" (AKA: "An Indian Abroad) has earned prestigious international art galleries' attention, and Unadkat has exhibited more than 25 solo shows around the World.

            Tushar's artistic work has received admiration from many globally acclaimed dignitaries, including former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Inder Kumar Gujaral, former Minister of Culture Shri Girish Karnad, Shri Saed Jaffery, Shri Sunil Jannah, and Dr. Werner Mensky, amongst others.

            Winning 25 international awards, Unadkat has worked with OSCAR-winning producers and editors, making an essential name in the Western Cross-Over Film Industry, earning credits on more than 35 films in his portfolio, and gaining rave reviews in the international film festival circuits.

            Unadkat has also produced shows for India's National award-winning costume designers, namely Neeta Lulla (Bollywood Queen), Tarun Tahiliani, Vikram Phadnis, Alia Khan, and MonaPali, to name a few.

            Unadkat's most significant contribution to the artistic community is Nouveau iDEA: New International Dimension in Entertainment and Arts. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit group that disseminates information and produces and promotes international arts with 85,000+ readerships, 8,000 network members, and an FB group with 10,000 members.

            In 2006, Tushar Unadkat won the New Pioneers Award by Skills for Change for his commendable contribution as an immigrant to the Canadian community.

            In 2012, Unadkat conferred the Valedictorian for the graduation ceremony to complete the Business Edge program from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

            The 12th Annual ReelWorld Film Festival honored Unadkat as Canada's Trailblazer 2012.

            Tushar was the Producer and Director of the 14th Annual TD Festival of South Asia (2016), which drew over 250,000 people for a weekend and won numerous mainstream accolades (See TAG TV Living Multiculturalism). In 2017, he had immense success producing and directing the Taste of India Food Festival in downtown Toronto, attracting 50,000+ people (See ZEE Canada Spotlight). The most recent success in festival promotions includes the 2019 SALA (South Asian Literature and Arts) Festival produced by Art Forum SF.

            Tushar dedicates his time to more philanthropic endeavors; he is a board member for diverse organizations. However, his pursuits are still international, and he successfully executes cinema and media arts management in Canada and abroad.

            *Valedictorian is an academic title conferred upon the student who delivers the closing or farewell statement at graduation. Usually, the valedictorian is the highest-ranked student who has graduated from an educational institution.

            ** Created in 2002, the Trailblazer Award recognizes the accomplishments of ethnically diverse Canadian entertainment industry professionals whose work has broadened our horizons. Over the past ten years, ReelWorld has recognized some of Canada's brightest talent for their ability to bring us innovative stories and forge a bright future for the Canadian entertainment industry.


            ...a prominent figure on the South Asian art landscape.

            Swati Tripathi, Indian EXPRESS

            North America Dec 2008
            ...a noticeable figure on the South Asian art landscape.

            Swati Tripathi, Sulekha.com

            World Wide Web Nov 2008
            ...dynamic and multitalented ambassador of art and culture.

            Anis Faroogui, Voice of Toronto

            Canada May 2008
            He is conspicuous...

            Vandana Gadia, Yash.ca

            Canada Apr 2008
            ...a sharp eye for photography and set design.

            Path Cooper, Desiclub.com

            USA Dec 2008
            outstanding achievements of emerging South Asian leaders.

            SSN Award for Excellence Nominee

            Canada May 2007
            Advertising Mastermind...

            Sheena Singh, The Cultural Connect

            USA 2007
            his photographs capture that detail, that way of life.

            Prerna Shah

            Times of India 2007
            Intriguing photos captures a moment in the lives...

            Prithi Yeleja, Toronto STAR

            Canada Jul 2006
            ...a sharp eye for photography and set design.

            Path Cooper, Desiclub.com

            USA Dec 2008
            The exquisite Unadkat's Photography Exhibit touched the hearts of many...

            Lachman Balani, VOICE

            Canada Jul 2006
            Honor for Indian

            Renu Mehta, The Indian EXPRESS, North America

            Feb 2006
            It captures the transnational hybridism of South Asian life experiences India, England, Scotland, the US & Germany.

            Dr. Werner Menski, University of London

            UK Jun 2000
            A same shop on Golden Mile decorated with Diwali Lights speaks volumes on the character of the city.

            Prerna Brinda, The Times of India

            India Feb 2000
            His work is a vibrant display of people, colours, gestures, environmental decor and architecture that is representative of the many Asian cultures.

            Hadinder Obhi, Indiaweekly

            UK Jun 2000
            An up-and-coming voice contributing to the cultural diversity that makes Canada such a vibrant country; an individual in the film and video industry finding new ways to approach the craft; a professional making great strides.

            ReelWorld Trailblazer Nominee

            Canada Jan 2005
            An outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both the community and the great City of New York.

            New York City Council Citation

            USA Dec 2002
            Very rarely do we come across people who are so positive and talented, that they exude this natural aura of beauty and perfection. I found this in Tushar, whose work speaks for itself, and whose personality goes beyond the ordinary.

            Saroosh Gull, Desiclub.com

            USA Dec 2002
            The Indian may be abroad, but 'phir bhi dil hai Hindustani'. The photographs display yearning to return to roots. A few ordinary moments made extraordinary by the angle, the depth, the look.

            Indian EXPRESS, India

            February 2000
            You were wonderful in Toronto & I would gladly put you in my suitcase and have you travel with me every where I go!

            Shabana Azmi (Internationally acclaimed actor, former Indian MP)

            Apr 2005
            The surrealist effect makes this "holiday photo" outstanding.

            Nirmala Bhojani, Leicester Mercury

            UK Jun 2000


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