The film portfolio includes credits for an actor, art director, production designer, producer, creative consultant, and online marketing specialist.

2023 Canada
2022 Canada
Lexus TVC
See No Evil
2022 CanadaShot Boot Three
2021 CanadaFootprints
2021 CanadaBeyond My Real World – I Am Still Me
2020 CanadaFEAR
2019 CanadaGuruCool
2014 CanadaSurkhaab
2011 CanadaRoots (music video)
2010 CanadaThe Corner Shop
2009 India99
2009 CanadaCesar’s World
2009 USA Extrospection
2007 CanadaThe Night Writer
2007 USA Amar Ash Anthony
2007 USAAnything For You
2007 USAWhen Kiran Met Karen
2007 CanadaWho are you wearing
2007 CanadaLove…and other reasons to panic
2006 CanadaTwo Billion Hostages
2005 CanadaBolly Double (AKA: Lookalike)
2005 CanadaBlueprints For Disaster
2005 USA Offshore
2005 USAVannela
2005 CanadaPink Elephants for Breakfast
2004 Canada
2004 Canada
Style by Jury
Frame by Frame
2004 CanadaDry Whiskey
2004 CanadaRoger’s TV Commercial
2003 CanadaA Body of Work
2003 CanadaThe Peace Tree
2002 USAFlavors
2002 USAKuch to Karo
2002 USAIndian Fish in American Waters
2002 USALove Thy Neighbors










                  “My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph.” – Richard Avedon

                  Tushar Unadkat‘s extensive film portfolio is a testament to his versatile contributions across various facets of the cinematic world. His involvement spans acting and encompasses roles as an art director, production designer, producer, and creative consultant, showcasing a multidimensional talent that transcends traditional boundaries in the film industry.

                  As an actor, Tushar Unadkat has seamlessly navigated the challenges of cross-over movies, bringing his unique perspective and artistic flair to the screen. His on-screen presence is marked by a dynamic range that captivates audiences, adding depth and authenticity to the characters he portrays. Film portfolio tushar unadkat

                  Beyond his acting prowess, Tushar has made significant contributions as an art director and production designer, shaping the visual narrative of films with meticulous attention to detail. His creative vision extends beyond the frame, influencing the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the productions he is involved in. Film portfolio tushar unadkat

                  Tushar Unadkat has proven to be a valuable force in film production, steering projects from conception to completion. His role as a producer reflects a keen understanding of the industry and a passion for bringing compelling stories to life on the big screen. Whether working on indie projects or large-scale productions, Tushar’s commitment to excellence shines through.

                  As a creative consultant, Tushar offers his expertise to filmmakers, providing valuable insights and strategic guidance to enhance the overall quality of a project. His ability to think outside the box and provide innovative solutions makes him a sought-after collaborator in the ever-evolving landscape of the film industry.

                  Tushar Unadkat’s film portfolio is a rich tapestry of skills and experiences, each thread contributing to the vibrant and diverse fabric of the cinematic world. His dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and his multifaceted approach to storytelling make him a noteworthy figure in the global film community, leaving an indelible mark on his projects.